PRESS RELEASE: “Your Future: Standards, Sustainability, Competence – The Links” @ KL Bird Park 17 December 2013

Kuala Lumpur, 17th December 2013 – Today at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Safety, Health and Environmental Management Services International Sdn. Bhd. (SHEMSI) and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) presented a joint-session for businesses on the subject of sustainability and its management through ISO Standards and improving the professional competence of those involved in its management.

Stan Rodgers, Principal Consultant at SHEMSI commented in his presentation that, “Business in Southeast Asia can no longer ignore the need for resilience in managing environmental issues. Sustainability requires businesses in Southeast Asia to better understand their supply chain and its relationship with the environment.”

Amarjit Kaur, Senior Consultant at SHEMSI dedicated her presentation to policy updates in Malaysia and emphasised that, “Personal competence development is necessary through training and professional affiliation with registered organisations recognised worldwide such as IEMA.”

SHEMSI also welcomed the recent announcement in Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak’s budget speech the introduction of a National Carbon Disclosure Programme (MYCARBON). Amarjit added, “This approach enables all organisations in Malaysia to better understand their carbon usage and manage it effectively, which will place Malaysia in the forefront of carbon management.”

Nicholas Fekete Perez from IEMA presented to Malaysian business leaders an update on the professional services available to IEMA members to enable them to better perform their job by improving their competence in order to become change agents in their respective businesses.

He stated “In IEMA we believe environmental sustainability professionals have a significant role to play in every organisation to deliver sustainable solutions. Environmental sustainability professionals must become leaders driving the low carbon economy.”

Nicholas agreed that the recent changes to sustainable development policies in Malaysia should result in it becoming a more attractive destination for companies to invest by being seen as an innovative business partner in the value chain. He added “Professional development is essential to ensure that environmental sustainability professionals are at the forefront of environmental leadership in their respective business sectors.”




SHEMSI Sdn. Bhd. was formed in Malaysia in 1998 and has worked with both Malaysian and international clients in a variety of product and service sectors to improve their organisational performance in the areas of health, safety, security and the environment. More latterly our work has moved towards assisting clients to see their business operations and responsibilities in a broader perspective that encompasses sustainability. Our expertise in health, safety, security and environment has provided a sound basis from which to make the transition to assisting clients in this broader context.

SHEMSI’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to adapt knowledge and understanding gained through working with international standards bodies and overseas multi-national clients and applying this economically, efficiently and effectively in local circumstances.

About IEMA

IEMA is the largest environmental professional body, providing environmental practitioners with the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure sound environmental performance delivers real business benefit. We help our members to make a strategic environmental difference by embedding environment in decision making at all levels through knowledge exchange, research, conferences, training and publications. With a membership over 15,000 individual and corporate members based in 83 countries, IEMA is now the leading international membership-based organisation dedicated to the professional development of individuals involved in the environmental profession, whether they be in the public, private or non-governmental sectors.

SHEMSI-IEMA Briefing Pic 1 Amarjit

Picture 1 Amarjit Kaur, SHEMSI, presenting to Malaysian business leaders.

SHEMSI-IEMA Briefing Pic 2 Nicholas
Picture 2 Nicholas Fekete Perez, IEMA, networking with delegates to the session.

SHEMSI-IEMA Briefing Pic 3
Picture 3 The morning session in full swing.